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LoVe's first time: pre-series

I was so overwhelmed by the response of the poll!!  Thanks to everyone who took the time to share your thoughts!  I'm excited about getting out the fics that you want so this post will fulfill several requests : )  These are pre-series fics that contain Logan and Veronica getting it on for the first time ; )  Several of them are pretty angsty for those of you like me who happen to love it!

This is a pretty short list but I promise to have some more up in a couple of days.  I wanted to get these out there.

Blood and Rust  by  taken_with_you    Logan/Veronica, Keith;  Rating:  NC-17;  Words:  5668.  Summary:  This is the last in a series of three, preceded by  Something Rising, Light and Swift and The Solace of Leaving Early.  It’s set pre-series and picks up after Lilly’s wake.  This is an incredibly endearing fic that explores an early relationship between Logan and Veronica.  Logan sneaks into her room each night to escape his father and finds comfort in Veronica’s arms.  Warning:  The second in the series is actually a dark and twisted Lilly/Duncan fic.  If you're not into that, I would suggest reading Something Rising and skipping to Blood and Rust.  It's not necessary to read the second one.

The Burdened Vessel  by  lit_chick08    Logan/Veronica, Duncan/Veronica, Lilly;  Rating:  NC-17;  Words:  7752.  Summary:  This is set pre-series where Duncan and Veronica are together but Lilly and Logan have broken up.  Lilly tells Veronica that Duncan is ready for sex.  Scared she won’t do it right she goes to Logan for lessons.  This is an extremely hot fic filled with lots of yummy angst.  It’s also a great read into what I think Lilly Kane really was like.  Has an even angstier sequel:  Missing You Beneath the Mistletoe.

Forbidden Itch  by  gertinator    Logan/Veronica, Lilly, Duncan;  Rating:  NC-17;  Words:  4345.  Summary:  Set pre-series during Halloween.  Lilly and Veronica trade costumes after Veronica told her she’d like to be Lilly Kane for the night.  Of course, Logan isn’t fooled for a second but he uses the opportunity to realize his fantasies.  This may be pre-series Logan and Veronica but this fic still gives us the passion between them that we all love so much.

Intoxicated  by  snuffybaby    Logan/Veronica, various ensemble;  Rating:  NC-17;  Words:  7404.  Summary:  This is set pre-series after Lilly is killed.  Picks up at Shelly’s End of the Year party and goes from there.  Logan finds Veronica passed out on the lounge chair but something entirely unexpected happens.  I find the ease of their relationship after everything that happened to be tad OOC but it’s a very cute story and a nice read.

No More Mr. Nice Guy  by  haleyj_the_bat    Logan/Veronica;  Rating:  NC-17;  Words:  3209.  Summary:  Set Pre-series after Duncan and Veronica have broken up  Logan wants to know if Lilly is cheating on him so he goes to the one person he thinks will tell him the truth.  Things go farther than they expected but it’s not all hearts and flowers.  Angst alert.

Stepping Aside  by  snuffybaby    Logan/Veronica, various ensemble;  Rating:  NC-17;  Words:  8146.  Summary:  Set pre-series where both Logan and Lilly and Veronica and Duncan have broken up.  Lilly has a plans for both Veronica and Logan though and sets them up to be alone in his pool.  Story continues with Lilly’s murder and ends with Shelly’s party.

Variations on a Theme  by  inthevast    Logan/Veronica, Lilly/Weevil;  Rating:  NC-17;  Words:  8000.  Summary:  This is set pre-series and is a sequel to Like Leather on Skin; takes place the day after that one.  Lilly is back to her usual games of trying to control everyone around her.  She knows something is going on between Logan and Veronica and tries to put a stop to it, even though she is with Weevil.  This is definitely manipulative Lilly Kane at its best. Warnings:  the prequel mentions a threesome.

White  by  amidalashari    Logan/Veronica, Lilly;  Rating:  NC-17;  Words:  2784.  Summary:  This is set pre-series at Shelly’s End of the Year party but is very much AU.  Everyone already knows that Lilly and Aaron were having an affair but he didn’t kill her.  Lilly convinces Veronica to wear one of her dresses to the party and precedes to put GHB in her drink to loosen her up a little.  Logan takes care of Veronica in more ways than one.



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Oct. 28th, 2008 10:15 am (UTC)
And you've done it again!
I only read about a third of these! Also, I've been looking for "The burdened vessel" for the longest time (but since I didn't remember the title or the author, it was a bit hard to do ^_^)
Anyway, thanks for these and I'm loloking forward to more recs from you ;)
Oct. 28th, 2008 06:01 pm (UTC)
Goody!!! It's become a game of sorts to me to see if I can post fics you haven't read, LOL : ) I was a little worried this time because of the short list. Hee!

I do love The Burdened Vessel so much and its sequel too! I wish there was another in the series where they lived happily ever after ; )

Thanks for commenting!!
Oct. 29th, 2008 10:04 pm (UTC)
Hee!!! Pre-series fics!!! You did it.
I so love this fics, thanks.

So, in my recent researches of VM fics, I stumbles on sexycereal's fic journal. She wrote so many one-shot and most of them are LoVe. I'm currently reading and organizing them.
Oct. 30th, 2008 05:00 am (UTC)
Glad you like!!!!

Oh, awesome!! Yeah, she's written over a hundred... woman's a VM writing machine... or was. Wish she was still writing it : (

Thanks a bunch!!
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